March 1 2011


  • copyleft- altering something that someone else did and putting it back out without claims or copyright.  It’s a jumping off point.
  • Let’s Play: Recorded videos with commentary of gamers.
  • Produsage includes the culture that surrounds that artifact that was created
  • If you can do something, there’s always going to be a group who hates you because you can.
  • Ben Heine Photos on Flickr: pencil and Camera together.  He also attaches a poem to the pictures.
  • Produsage for Dummies: class Wiki Page.  It includes Glitch Art from Flickr.

Other Notes:

  • A project is available to do for the remainder of the Semester.  It will help you to focus your learning? Get in a position to learn as much as you possible can.
  • The Exchange: class discussion site.  Not mandatory.


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