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This week I started to email some of the publishing companies that are listed a post or two back regarding how effective their blogs are in promoting business.  So far I have heard back from Columbia University Press.  Below are both the questions that I emailed to the company and the responses that it sent back.

Q: How effective is the company blog in publicizing books? Do the books that are discussed on the blog see higher sales numbers than those that are not discussed on the blog?

A: Unfortunately, due to time constraints, we do not measure as carefullyas we should the effectiveness of postings on the blog in terms of sales. However, we do see more visits to a book’s individual Web pages in the days following a blog post, so it certainly contributes to visibility. We generally try to coordinate blog posts with other publicity efforts (both online and in print) so it is difficult sometimes to determine what might have led to sales. In general, I would
say that exposure on the blog does improve on sales but not dramatically.

Q: How is it decided which authors are allowed to make guest posts on the blog?

A: We invite all authors to contribute to the blog but certainly encourage to a stronger degree those with books with greater sales potential or those who have books that relate to current events.

Q: Does the company receive more traffic on the blog or on social networking site fan pages such as facebook?

A: I think we still receive slightly more to our blog (around 25,000 a month) than our Facebook page which has only about 1300 fans. Though Facebook is catching up.

Q: In what ways has it been beneficial to provide links to author blogs?

A: Only a slight uptick. We find most people click from the posts themselves as opposed to the blogroll. Whenever possible and appropriate we will repost something that an author has written or link to an individual post.

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  1. Very interesting post. It is fascinating to see what Publishing companies are doing with social media to promote their business. What I liked about this one in particular is how they admit how difficult it really is to track the increase (if any) in sales due to social media efforts. I think this is getting at the root of skepticism in social media marketing. But like the representative from Columbia University Press notes, there is definitely an increase in visibility – which is that not what advertising is all about?

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